Instrumental, Vocal, and Theoretical Music Instruction

The Barenboim-Said Foundation offers a curriculum of eight years that aims to give the level to continue to professional studies.

There are currently 130 instrumental students enrolled in instrumental studies at the Barenboim- Said Foundation Ramallah. The students receive rigorous music lessons in individual instruments,

voice, music theory, chamber music, choir, and orchestra. Instrumental instruction is in piano, violin, viola, cello, wind and brass instruments. All instrument students receive two lessons per week in addition to weekly music theory and orchestra. The Barenboim-Said Foundation has two choirs, for beginners and advanced that work on weekly basis.



Workshops occur throughout the year and supplement our ongoing music instruction program at the Foundation. They are designed to immerse our students in intensive orchestral and choral training days and aim to focus on the value of individual practice and group rehearsal. By culminating in a concert, the students experience a direct connection between practice, rehearsing, and performance. We invite accomplished guest conductors to our orchestral workshops and the final concerts take place in Ramallah and other cities of the Palestinian Territories.

Music Appreciation and Choral Training in Ramallah Schools We teach choral singing and music appreciation at both the Evangelical and Greek Catholic Schools in Ramallah, These programs reach hundreds of students, and it is part of their school curriculum. Students learn about the different orchestral instruments, different musical periods and styles, and basic music theory. Through listening and engaging in conversations about music, students gain basic knowledge and appreciation of classical music. The classes culminate in an interactive, explained concert that highlights the concepts and themes the students focused on throughout the year.


Classical Music Concert Series

The Barenboim-Said Foundation aims to provide Palestinian audiences access to high-quality

classical music. To that end, the Music Center organizes a yearly series of concerts whereby world- renowned musicians are invited to perform in Palestine. Helene Grimaud, Frans Helmerson, András

Schiff, Javier Perianes, and Saleem Abboud Ashkar, to name a few, were among the many that performed in our concert series and conducted master classes for our students at the Foundation. The Foundation has its own concert series for students called "Young Talents". "Young Talents" concert series takes place monthly at the Palestinian Medical Relief Hall.


Early Music Education for Pre-school Children in Ramallah

Together with The Palestinian Medical Relief Society, we administer the Edward Said Musical Kindergarten. Barenboim-Said Ramallah implements the music program, “Education through Music”, at the school whose aim is to identify musical talent at an early age. The KG currently has 46 students between the ages of 3-5. Every week the children receive 90 minutes of music instruction. They are taught to sing and to explore with musical instruments. The purpose of this is to lay the foundation for musical expression. Teachers are specifically trained to identify talent by observing the children during the sessions and ultimately encouraging them to learn to play an instrument.