Robin Burlton

Theory and Choir teacher

Robin is theory and choir teacher at the Barenboim-Said Foundation in Ramallah. He is a performer, conductor, teacher and composer and utilises all these roles in his work at the BSF. As a performer he combines his deep love of classical music, specialising in Renaissance and Baroque vocal work, with the performance of traditional and newly written folk music. As conductor he has worked for many years with choirs and small ensembles of all ages and has conducted staged performances of vocal and instrumental music. He has worked as a teacher of music theory for around 15 years and has also taught singing and piano both in Palestine and in the UK. As a composer he wrote for many years for choirs and small vocal ensembles in the UK and his music has been performed in concerts, festivals and on radio in locations across Europe. He continues to write for wide-ranging projects in Palestine and abroad and is currently working on a folk recording, a violin sonata and small ensemble pieces using Arabic poetry.